Gods & Goddess Worshipped in Vadakkumnathan Temple

The statue of Lord Shiva is in the form of a huge lingam. However, the statue is not visible, as it is covered by a mount of ghee, formed by the daily abhishekam (ablution) with ghee over the years. A 16-foot-high mount of ghee, filled with thirteen cascading crescents of gold and three serpent hoods at top is seen in the sanctum. Traditions say that this represents the snow-clad Mount Kailash, the abode of Parvathy and Parameswara.

A remarkable feature is that the ghee does not melt even during tropical climate of summer or due to the heat of numerous oil lamps burning nearby. The scrapings of the solidified ghee are given to devotees as ‘Prasada', which is believed to have medicinal and curative properties. The ghee even does not have any foul odour.

Gods & Goddess Shrines in Vadakkumnathan Temple

The Nalambalam of Vadakkumnathan Temple in Thrissur has a shrine dedicated to Lord Vettekkaran (Shiva in a hunter form). Located outside the nalambalam are the shrines of Lord Krishna, Vrishabha, Parasurama, Simhodara, Dharmasastha (Swamy Ayyappan) and Guru Adi Sankaracharya. On the verandah of the Nalambalam is a large white bullock Nandikeswara or Nandi bull. The two important murals in the temple, Vasukisayana and Nrithanatha, are worshipped regularly.

Inside the temple, the devotees can have darshan of Lord Shiva of Kasi and Lord Chidambaranatha of Chidambaram, Lord Shiva of Rameswaram, Sree Kali of Kodungallur, Urakam Ammathiruvadi, Lord Bharatha (Koodalmanickam) at Irinjalakuda, Sree Vyasa, Sree Hanuman and the serpent gods. The shrine of Lord Ganapathi, called as Venmadacoil, is seen facing the temple kitchen. Offering of Appam (sweetened rice cake fried in ghee) is one of the most important offerings at the temple.

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